What are you good at? Feeling. What do you love? Love. Then you shall be an artist. But they make no money? You love love, not money. Remember? Yes, but... But what? How will I live? If you have no outlet for your feelings, you will not. So be an artist. Feel, create, repeat. How … Continue reading You


He almost loved her He almost stayed He almost said no, when the west called his name. she was almost enough and He told her so, then He said she'd be fine, if she just let him go. she begged and she pleaded and he almost came back. But his freedom was sweeter than that. … Continue reading Almost

The Promise

October 16, 1983 As they walked across the field she could feel the frosty grass crunch under her boots. Despite the heaviness of her wool sweater she was still cold, not that she minded. Rooster held her hand as they walked across land she assumed belong to a member of the club, she wasn’t sure … Continue reading The Promise